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Description More Download exe Download source
Forward compression and decompression program more jlpak20.zip jlpak20src.zip
e-mail checker more wbiff204.zip wbiff204src.zip
Find differences between two ASCII files more diff30.zip diff30src.zip
Create a WINDOWS shortcut (.pif or .lnk) more CreShort.zip CreShortsrc.zip
Delete all registry entries from SQL server 7.0 more RegDelSQLServer.zip RegDelSQLServersrc.zip
Starts a program or the associated program with the extension more run104.zip run104src.zip
Establishes a hard link between an existing file and a new file more CreateHardLink.zip CreateHardLinksrc.zip
Set persistent environment variable for NT and make it immediately available more SetEnvNT.zip SetEnvNTsrc.zip
pe; a text editor more pew.msi  
C/C++ memory tracker and protector more   fortifysrc.zip
replace regular expressions more replreg.zip  
lp_solve; Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) solver more
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